Know the on road Skoda Octavia price in Kolkata

Known For Eternal Elegance

Skoda Octavia certainly redefines premium, by taking car performance standards to a new level, right from bringing in features seen never before to the latest avatar, skillfully combining strength as well as sensibility.

Exterior & Interior

With the exterior design that is crystalline and sleek as it is robust, Skoda Octavia looks simply striking from all angles. Inside, safety assistants, brilliant connectivity, technological innovations, safety assistants and also key features may please the buyers.

Exclusive character, as well as timeless style, can help it stand out wherever you visit. People can just turn around as well as look at it time and again.

Octavia’s exterior lights make us consider their usefulness and also their aesthetic matter. By combining innovative technology with exclusive design, lighting indeed is the artistic matter and also improves passengers’ safety.

Motivated by cubism and also high quality and also craftsmanship of Bohemian glass that can surely make it unique look.

Crystalline design and balanced proportions blend perfectly altogether.

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Why Do You Buy It?


A chiseled yet robust aesthetic surely makes this car the best sight to behold. Each and every detail bears the best of both, modern yet classic one. Truly, it’s a treat for both your heart and soul.


Make sure driving should be your pleasure and a not mere chore. Whether you are on business or vacation, minute details, as well as clever touches, can make every drive in this Skoda car quite comfortable.


This Skoda Octavia car comes up with refined and powerful engine variants that seem to be nothing less than modern marvels. It is one such car that is also safe for the environment. Keeping at par with Skoda’s eco-friendly concern, this car rightly is low on emission and also high on fuel efficiency.


The toughest, safety standards require the smartest minds to achieve. Diverse active and also passive assistant units ensure that every drive in Skoda Octavia is safe and secure. All these systems also respond instantly and also smartly to whatever the roads throw at you.


This Skoda car looks forward to eye-catching features as well as intelligent functions. With seamless connectivity and also entertainment options, drives can never seem to be boring, no matter how long the journey or how tough the road turns out to be.


There is space in every place that makes travelling quite pleasant for all the passengers.

Accessories that You Just Can’t Ignore!



With Skoda Octavia, you can just park like a pro at tight spot with a press of one button

Adaptive lights

These headlights in Skoda Octavia are safety feature designed to make driving during the night or also in low-light condition secure and safe.

Safety Features

Cutting edge assist systems support safe driving and also prevent mishaps and also lessen injuries.

Comfort Assists

With the help of in-built cruise control feature, you may control speed and also give rest to your feet.

Available Colors

  • Brilliant Sliver Metallic

  • Candy White

  • Magic Black Metallic

  • Quartz Grey Metallic
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